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Knife Sharpening Day at Sage Gourmet!

Knife Set 2 (259x194)

Sage Gourmet is very excited to have the opportunity to offer a Knife Sharpening Day!!!

Come get your knives sharpened at Sage Gourmet on Monday, August 3rd!  Jordan Bazzle will be in our store from 10:00 until 4:00 honing knives for only $1.25 an inch.  If the blades are damaged or need re-profiling, the cost is $1.50 an inch and he will need to bring them to his workshop. We will notify you when completed and ready for pick up at the store.

Call Sage Gourmet at 828-595-2236 or  send an email to for more information.

phone: 828-595-2236 email: