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Cookbook Club

Join us once a month as we cook through a cookbook at Sage Gourmet.

There is a vote between three or four books that we will cook from.

Once the book is chosen, purchased and the date is set, we are ready to go!! An email is sent out to see what everyone is going to cook for the evening.

It truly is the best meal in town! Everyone comes with their special dishes and we all get to partake of a glorious dinner.  We discuss all recipes and share tips and tricks of each recipe.  We enjoy wine with the evening with a few complimentary bottles from Sage Gourmet Wine Cellar and bottles that members buy to enjoy for the evening.

The cost to be in the club is simply to purchase the book.  Each book is cooked from 2 to 3 times and by the time we are finished, the cookbook is enjoyed by all.

Call us at 828-595-2236 or email us at and sign-up today!

phone: 828-595-2236 email: